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Understanding Sprained Ankle

It’s certainly not the most severe injury you could experience, but a sprained ankle is very painful and can cause a lot of inconveniences. When you sprain your ankle, you tend to realize just how important having two functioning ankles is to almost everything you do on a daily basis. Moving around, even putting clothes on and the way that you sit down are all things impacted by a sprained ankle.

But let’s get back to the basic question here http://hemanklerehab.com of what exactly is a sprained ankle? Simply, it’s an injury to the ligaments. The ligaments, which are the bands of tissue connecting one bone to another, can be injured by overstretching or an unexpected sharp pull.

A sprained ankle will come with some painful and uncomfortable symptoms. First of all, you may hear a noise resembling a popping or snap, and that’s certainly unpleasant. There will often be a swelling that starts straight away, and it might feel as though something within your foot is “giving way.” In the 24 hours after you injure your ankle, you might develop bruising too, depending on how serious of a sprain it is. In cases where the sprain is particularly serious, you might be unable to put weight on it for weeks.

The most common type of sprained ankle is known as an inversion sprain and occurs when the sole of your foot turns inwards. This causes the ligaments on the outer side of the ankle to stretch and those on the inner side of squash. This can be hugely painful and is common in sports where there are a lot of rapid direction changes or stop-starting.

But what exactly should you do to treat your sprained ankle? Well, as with anything there is a variety of treatments out there that will help with the pain and make a recovery quicker. But immediately after the injury, it’s self-help following the PRICE routine. PRICE is an acronym describing protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation, which describes what you should do to the ankle.